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pictures of a pediatrician at work

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  • A friend sent me this link that was composed from other links from other blogs. The origin is here and another here. Sorry for the brute copy-past, but it’s much

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    Hartmann’s Pictures at an Exhibition.
    Picnic Week continues here at OPOD with this picture from 1940 of a church picnic in Kentucky. It looks like they are frying up some food, but can not tell exactly
    Picture Australia has been absorbed into Trove. It was originally launched in September 2000, and at that time, was a unique and ground breaking service, bringing — putting the care into.

    The Last Picture Show (1971) - IMDb Pictures At -

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    The Last Picture Show (1971) - IMDb

    pictures of a pediatrician at work

    Pictures from a developer’s life |.
    Australian pictures in Trove - Trove
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    pictures of a pediatrician at work