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What is percocet 4839

I had a Percocet tab that says 4839 with.

Circle white pill with 4839 v what is it?

1 Answer - Answer: Here is a link for your med, it is acetaminophen and oxycodone, generic

What equals to a 7.5mg percocet
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What is percocet 4839

Percocet a Narcotic
What Is Percodan

What is percocet 4839

What Is Vicodin
4839 - What is the difference between percocet.
Percocet Round Pill V 4839 White - Topics. Q: I had a Percocet tab that says 4839 with a V at the bottom of number. Is that a percocet tablet?
19.03.2010  Best Answer: I believe the 512 marking on the percocet is the common brand Watson generic form of Percocet 5/325. More than likely the 4839 V is another